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How high alumina refractory brick baking

Jan. 01, 1970

To ensure high-alumina refractory brick in the construction there is plenty of time to completion of the stirring, transport, molding and other processes, the initial setting time of cement should not be too short, even after the initial setting is baked were the main knowledge there are:

① room temperature 350 degrees phase, most likely caused by a local burst, paying particular attention to the slow baking, such as in the 350-degree heat is still a lot of steam out, should slow the rate of temperature rise;

② When baking with firewood, direct contact with the flame often cause local warming too fast, should be protected. ;

③ cooling of the refractory lining of cement should also be slow to avoid forced ventilation;

④ in poorly ventilated difficult to discharge water vapor under conditions to be extended holding time;

⑤ new pouring of high-alumina refractory brick, at least after the 3d before baking.

When the high-alumina refractory brick through heavy baking, to prevent heavy spray on the surface of the lining, to prevent local burst.