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Fused zirconia corundum brick production process

Jan. 01, 1970

Fused Mullite casting production process can be divided into three stages:

Melt previously prepared and model;

Melt baked and molded castings;

Casting heat treatment.

The main difficulty fused zirconia corundum brick heat treatment is its crystallization process, which is a complex physical properties of different composite body, and phenomena in physics, chemistry, surface and thermal aspects and related to each other. By crystallization processes and structures casting material forms a detailed analysis of the identification process, "Casting - model" system thermal phenomena can fully illustrate the nature of this process.

In the model the pouring melt fused zirconia corundum brick, brick fused near the surface due to the heat loss can be seen in some sections of some low points.

The cooling rate to a model casting fused zirconia corundum brick when the temperature gradient magnitude to represent. In the absence of external factors, the size of the temperature gradient depends on thermo-physical properties of fused bricks. Fused brick supercooled melt surface model began; the thickness of the layer of cold and cold speed is controlled by the temperature gradient layer decision, with the gradual crystallization model of the surface of the melt fused bricks, the next layer starting cold. The layers gradually melt supercooling, the degree of supercooling start from fused brick surface, is correspondingly reduced by the temperature gradient.