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Application of Ceramic Fiber Board

Jan. 01, 1970

Ceramic fiber board is formed from fibers with a homogeneous latex binder coating. The coating is formed from a slurry of the latex, a cationic acrylamide base copolymer and aluminum sulfate solution. The cationic copolymer aids the aluminum sulfate in homogeneously depositing the latex and forming a uniformly flexible board.

Ceramic fiber board has low thermal conductivity ,excellent thermal insulation property and good tensile strength.

Application of ceramic fiber board:

1、Fire-resistant, heat-insulating linings for doors, ceilings and side panels of various ceramics burning furnaces

2、Heat shields

3、Feeding head frames

4、Lining material for glass annealing furnace

5、Various fire-resistant insulation materials

6、Insulation for semiconductor equipment

ceramic fiber board