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Classification of refractory bricks

Jan. 01, 1970

We all know that there are various materials of refractory brick.Then,do you know the classification of refractory bricks.The following i will share some knowledge with you.

1, silicon aluminum refractory bricks

2, alkaline series refractory bricks. Alkaline refractory bricks are refractory products containing alkaline oxides such as Mg0 and CaO as the main components

3, carbon refractory bricks. Carbon-containing refractory bricks are made of carbon or carbon compounds, with different forms of carbon as the main component of the refractory brick products

4, containing zirconium refractory bricks. Belonging to an acidic material, is made of natural zircon sand (ZrSiO2) as raw materials.

5, insulation refractory bricks. Refers to the high porosity, low bulk density, low thermal conductivity of refractories.

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