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Do you know the Refractory Brick

Jan. 01, 1970

Refractory materials usually include Mosi2 Heating Element,Calcium Silicate Board.But the following i will talk about Refractory Brick,do you know about it?

Refractory Brick is a kind of materials that prevent or retard flame spread. For fire prevention. There are two types of non-flammable materials and flame retardant materials. Non-combustible material will not burn. Although the flame retardant materials can burn, but with flame retardancy, that is difficult to fire, hard carbonization, combustion can be stopped after the ignition source removed, it is also known as flame retardant materials. In the flame retardant materials, in addition to the few with its own flame retardant function, in most cases, are made of flame retardant, fire retardant impregnating agent or fire retardant coating and other flammable materials

Refractory Brick