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Changes in ceramic fiber module at different temperatures

Jan. 01, 1970

Ceramic fiber module can not be made into large modules in the process of production, which leads to the large-scale application of polycrystalline fibers. Now polycrystalline fiber is used more in the castable or refractory brick furnace wall, the roof of the furnace surface block, the use of polycrystalline fiber paste block can effectively reduce the furnace wall temperature, while reducing the wall heat storage losses.

1, temperature. At different temperatures, the thermal conductivity will correspond to the bulk density, in general, the bulk density will increase as the temperature increases.

2, bulk density. While the bulk density increases, the thermal conductivity of the ceramic fiber blanket will decrease, but the magnitude of the decrease is decreasing. When the volume density increases more than a certain range, the thermal conductivity will not decline, but rise.

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Ceramic fiber module