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Factors affecting the life of refractory brick

Jan. 01, 1970

The life of refractory brick is not only related to the normal operation of production, but also to the cost of production. Therefore, to improve the service life of refractory bricks is the development trend of refractory materials. We understand the factors that affect the life of refractory bricks together.

Effect of physical properties of refractory brick slag resistance refers to the ability to resist chemical corrosion of refractory material, in the form of rotary kiln skin initial level and when the material viscosity or local high temperature to promote Rotary Kiln skin off case, slag resistance is very important.

refractory brick

The influence of combustion and fuel nozzle on refractory bricks, when coal is used as fuel, the volatile content and ash of coal play a decisive role, and directly affect the shape of flame.

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