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Factors affecting the quality of the mullite insulating brick

Jan. 01, 1970

As for the mullite insulating brick, impurities will affect the chemical properties of the bricks, which will affect the life of the kiln.

When the refractory material is mixed with impurities, it has a certain influence on its performance, so we should try our best to ensure the purity of the raw material. How does doping affect the quality of mullite insulating brick?

1, iron oxides can penetrate into the mullite solid solution, although little effect on the melting point of mullite insulating brick, but impurities will be the casting of glass phase dyed, increase the content of glass, and the fire resistance of products decreased.

2, too much alkali metal oxide can reduce the content of mullite insulating brick, serious and even break the mullite crystal and melt, and produce more glass phase affect the performance of mullite insulating brick.

3, calcium oxide slowed down the role of light mullite crystallization, but also need to pay attention to.

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